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photography, photo, digital, 35mm, wide angle, landscape, people, women, sensual,artistic,color,megapixelArtist Markus Rothkranz, who's name is sometimes spelled Marcus Rothkrantz, Marcus Rothcrans, Mark Rosenkranz, Marc Rothkarnzfeatured artist with creative horsepower

Markus Rothkranz has worked on the biggest movies in Hollywood, made his own motion pictures, painting, drawing, sculpting, and then founded the WORLD HEALTH PROJECT which self empowers people to super longevity, health and relationships...

painting with oils, acrylics, airbrush and mixed media, paintings, 2D
film, video, motion picture and filmmaking company run by Markus Rothkranz
motion picture and film company
panavision camera- the symbol of pro filmmaking

Astro Films LLC is a new motion picture company with life affirming themes designed to inspire and energize the soul. Run by a visual effects artist, the imagery is very very colorful.

3D CGI digital modelling and animation made with Carrara 3D
miniature handbuilt models made for film, television, architecture and special effects by Markus Rothkranz
the most fun tv show to ever hot television
the most creative tv show to ever hit television
Architecture and architectural design, both miniature scale models, digital virtual models and design work

The wackiest most colorful fun TV show you'll ever see. This is a real escape from reality TV. This imaginative retro-themed family show is a veritable bonanza of eyecandy and way cool music.

sculpture made the old fashioned way- by hand. An artists hands are the direct tools for creating anything
amazing and creative homes of artists- solar powered with art studio and movie set design
solar powered artist home
solar powered artists home
how to never get sick again and live past 100

Artists are usually the first ones to try new ways of living and become models for others to follow. Alternative energy is so important now with global warming. Here's a home running on solar power- electricity from the sun.

cinematography and shooting on location
directing and filmmaking
never get sick again
how to beat disease, illness, tiredness and never get sick again- the simple secrets of raw food- the choice of healthy artists everywhere

What good is creative living if we get sick all the time? Be truly alive and start living like we were supposed to. See why many artists are now switching to raw foods. This makes so much sense !

animation, including an award winning short made with Cinema 4D by artist Markus Rothkranz

200 ACRES of Rothkranz land for sale in Kentucky

solar power for meastro films
big flashy high concept blockbuster filmsatomic city banner

© Astro Films 2006 The contents of this website are the property of Markus Rothkranz. No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express permission. Markus Rothkranz- the man with serious Creative Horsepower...filmmaker, artist, writer, director, painter, sculptor, digital artist, matte painter, architect, designer, musician, animator, photographer, etc. If it has to do with imagery in both the 2D and 3D worlds, Markus (Marcus) is your one-stop source for amazing cinematography, special effects and artwork in both the world of painting and film/video. Life is short... we should do everything we can as artists to celebrate life and the possibilities of this world. Be inspired. Be alive. Create !