SpaceOvision...a celebration of everything retro- from flying cars, robots and atomic gizmos to cool experimental and low tech gadgets. Issac Asimov was right when he said that the future isn't what it used to be. If only the future could be so cool.Isaac Asimov said the future isnt what it used to be. It was much more fantasy driven in the space age of the sixties when the space race was in full swing thanks to the cold war and sputnikAll manner of experimental flying aircraft, cars, gadgets and household devices are featured here... all those cool fun retro styled machines that promised to make our future bright and fun.
Futurama baby- this is Space-o-Vision RetroWorld !  The coolest retro vehicles, gadgets and ideas from the 50s and 60s
Predicta televisions and spacecraft mix like an astro cocktail in this atomic age future retro world of fantasy and funMatt Lewis stars in this retro themed fun tv show full of imaginative gadgets and James Bond toys designed by George Jetsonif you like RETRO stuff like flying cars, robots, atomic gizmos and cosmic spacepods, then this tv show is for you- live the atomic dream and zoom off into strato space
The atomic TV show that celebrates retromaniaThe retro world space voyager of tomorrowland is ready to launch into astro stratoland. This is your Disney E-ticket ride !
Space-o-matic retro flying cars and atomic powered airplanes, this is spaceovision deluxe in full color and stereo sound
the Predicta Meteor TV, designed by Mike Scott will be featured in the new atomic age hot show along with many other artistic and collectable fun future retro stuffthe atom is the symbol of the atomic age- promising a new space age of technologyJet powered autos were the big style of the 50s and 60s. In the fifties and sixties, experimental vehicles were everywhere.This artist has created an entire rtero world with futuristic fantasy devices and vehicles
experimental concept cars were at their coolest in the sixties when the original firebird design was jet powered by a turbine. It may be low tech by todays standards but back then it was high tech.
the experimental prototye cars of the past included turbine jet cars and atomic powered automobiles. Many thought jet cars were the future.
The happy housewife with her kitchen of the future- oh the joys of modern cookware and the wonder of plastic!  The Futurama promised us a world of ease and bliss, thanks to modern plastics, chemicals and technology.If you would like one of these super retro Predicta Meteor televisions custom built for you, simply click here and email Mike Scott to build you one of these strato deluxe babys!

Television "Meteor" design by Mike Scott. Other images are copyright ©2006 Markus Rothkranz Astro Films LLC. No portion of this website may be reproduced without express permission.

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